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Born in Bogota, Colombia in June of 1984 Diego came to America that fall, first living in New York City. After moving from New York to New Jersey as a child, Diego began playing guitar at 7 years old. He began writing songs at 15, performing at 16 and working in the studio with his cousins’ band Zelda Pinwheel. Diego is an award-winning radio broadcaster, student leader in college earning his BA in Communication from Monmouth University in 2013 and two-time Asbury Music Award Nominee for Top Americana Band with his former group Lot 25. He released three solo albums starting in 2012 all of which were received enthusiastically by local DJs and audiences. In 2016 Lot 25 released its only LP, the Diego penned Rock Opera 'Eden Boulevard.' After a final show at the legendary Stone Pony in February 2017 Lot 25 disbanded. Diego is back to playing solo and recently released a new single "Lonely in Brooklyn" and the first song from his forthcoming full-length release "This American Life" called "Walker's Lullaby" a song he wrote for his sister who gave birth to her first child in May 2018.
Diego Allessandro's Stage Equipment:


Custom Warmoth Built Telecaster in Satin Trans-Brown

Custom Partscaster in Walnut Satin

Custom Warmoth Built 12 String Telecaster in Trans-Brown

Cumstom Partscaster in Candy Apple Red with Bigsby Vibrato system
Squier Classic Vibe Custom Telecaster

Fender Kingman Jumbo

Ibanez AEL2012E TKS Acoustic-Electric


Custom Fender Excelsior in Brown finish


TC Electronic PolyTune Noir


2 Boss BD-2 Blues Driver Pedals

Whirlwind Gold Box Distortion

EH Line Booster

Seymour Duncan Shape Shifter Tremolo

Whirlwind Orange Phaser

Boss 1989 Japanese BF-2 Flanger

Badcat Analog Chorus

Catalinbread Belle Epoch

Diego Allessandro's Studio Equipment


Epiphone EJ200 in Sunburst

Custom Squier Vintage Modified 70s Stratocaster

Rouge Lap Steel in Black Sparkle

Agile Harm 12 String Electric Guitar in Blue Sparkle


Vox AC4TV and matching 1x12 Cab with Weber 30w Blue Dog speaker

Vox VR30


Joyo California
Joyo AC Tone
Tech21 Sansamp GT2
Line 6 POD
Line 6 POD X3 Live

BBE OptoStomp

ProCo Rat II

Ross Phasers from 1978 and 1979

Boss RC20

Boss ME-50


Yamaha YC-20

Yamaha DX7

Roland D10
Yamaha YPG 535
Press Articles about Diego as well as articles about Diego and Lot 25.

Press Articles about Diego as well as articles about Diego and Lot 25.

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Blowup Radio Banding Together Benefit

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Graphic Designer Danielle Spoelstra

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To hear Diego's 2016 interview with Frank Maduri on the Life Coach Network click HERE