For my sister, Lauren, on your first mothers day.

You're gonna be a great mother.


I wrote this song a few weeks after learning that I was gonna be an uncle. I wanted to write something that would give voice to my sister's spirit and warmth since nursery rhymes are usually very dark and let's face it kids songs are annoying. Don't believe me, give your kids a plastic recorder and teach them the song from their favorite Pixar or Disney film. Exactly! I wanted to write a song that a lullaby, a song about a mother's love. I had the melody the glockenspiel plays for a few months but no chord progressions or lyrics. I sat down at the little piano in the house, figured out the melody and key and begin to try and sing through my sister's voice. So from this proud and blessed family to yours, happy mother's day.


My nephew Lucas was born after 2am on May 19th, 2018.

He was 7 pounds 11 ounces.

The dawn it will come soon my love

The dawn it will come soon

The sky will change to blue my love

The sky will change to blue


The sun will rise up soon my dear

The sun will rise up soon

The flowers will bloom in spring my dear

The flowers they will bloom


And if you could see

How special you are to me

And if I could show

Then darling you would know


Don’t fear, don’t cry now my love

No don’t be scared tonight

The stars will shine for you my love

The stars they will shine


Your dreams will be sweet tonight my dear

Your dreams they will be sweet

If you should wake before the day

Then right here I will be