Welcome Gear Demos by Diego.

Here you'll be able to download DI's of the gear demos for free and watch them on YouTube. If you would like to join me while demoing the gear, then follow me on TikTok @DiegoMusicNJ or follow the above link so you can come hang out with me on TikTok live for the demos.

Thank you for swinging by and please stop by the STORE and pick up some cool merch or an album.

Tip jar donations are appreciated and go towards gear!

Note* Guitar Amps require unbalanced mono audio so make sure to use a REAMP BOX like this one or it can cause damage to your amp. I AM NOT RESPONSIBLE if you harm your amp trying to reamp DI files, you are hereby warned

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All donations to the tip jar go to creating music through upgrading and maintaining gear as well as paying other musicians and audio techs to contribute to recordings. All tips are greatly appreciated.

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Available Gear Demos

Boss ME50 DI Files DI's of Guitar and Vocals with Boss ME50. Reamp guitar parts to the clean channel of your amp, reverb off. Vocal tracks are stereo and should be played through your studio monitors or headphones. 24 bit 96khz Wav Files* 123 MB
Regina Flanger Pedal Shootout DIs DIs of the Boss BF-2 MIA, Joyo Classic Flanger and Mooer E-Lady Flanger alone and with various other pedals. 532 MB